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Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

PinkGLITZ Specializes in Handmade Gemstone Jewelry At Unbeatable Prices!

Handmade jewelry is a gift that can keep on giving. Stunning handmade gemstone jewelry products are the norm at PinkGLITZ, your source for online natural gemstone jewelry. Handcrafted and made from scratch utilizing the best materials the industry has available, Dr. Pinkey A. Stewart and the rest of the PinkGLITZ team have developed a catalog of truly stunning products.

For individuals who have never shopped for energy-imbued handmade gemstone jewelry, they've come to the right place to learn more.

Gemstone Jewelry: What To Know Before You Buy!

Gemstones have a rich and fascinating history. Often conflated with mystical powers in ancient times, gemstones continue to maintain global support for their supposed natural abilities. While it can be hard to identify the healing properties of handmade gemstone jewelry, we can look to history to see what these gemstones have traditionally been utilized for.

The gemstones offered by Dr. Pinkey A. Stewart and the PinkGLITZ team offer support in many ways, based entirely on the stone set within the jewelry. Here are the most common gemstones used by PinkGLITZ as well as the benefits they are purported to provide.

  • Jasper — This stunning stone is said to empower both the spirit and the mind while protecting both from negativity. Jasper is a revered gemstone found in many handmade PinkGLITZ products.

  • Lapis — Supposedly beneficial for speaking one's truth, Lapis Lazuli also is said to boost the immune system while soothing inflammation.

  • Tiger Eye — Known as a source of power and motivation, this unique stone is ideal for helping to rid the mind of both fear and anxiety. Beneficial for individuals looking to pursue their goals, Tiger's Eye bracelets provide a wonderful source of support.

No matter what you are looking to find, the team at PinkGLITZ will help you get there. Founded in 2019, PinkGLITZ offers handmade jewelry with a portion of each sale going toward homeless shelters.

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