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Gemstone Jewelry For Women

Gemstone Jewelry For Women: The Right Gemstone Bracelets Can Energize Your Outfit!

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the one you care about? Handmade one-of-a-kind gemstone jewelry for women crafted by PinkGLITZ makes for the ultimate gift this holiday season. These finely made, handcrafted products are one-of-a-kind and chosen specifically by Dr. Pinkey Stewart, the founder at PinkGLITZ.

If you've never shopped for exciting gemstone bracelets, now is the perfect time to learn more. Let's dig deep into gemstone bracelets and how the energy they offer can manifest positively in our day-to-day lives!

Gemstone Bracelets Buying Guide: What to Shop For at PinkGLITZ!

Dating back to ancient times, we have seen people associate gemstones with a broad array of potential health benefits. Whether you buy into ancient rituals and energy found within gemstones or not, there is certainly a rich history of folks who have thought just that. Whether these benefits are intentional or conferred by happenstance, gemstone bracelets have remained popular for both fashion and function.

Let's briefly highlight a few key gemstones and the benefits that they are purported to offer.

  • Jasper — Known as the 'supreme nurturer', gemstone jewelry with jasper is said to empower both the spirit and our courage, helping us gain confidence as we tackle those important issues in life. The Purple Impression Jasper by PinkGLITZ is a great way to integrate these benefits into your daily routine.

  • Amethyst — This purple stone is said to be both protective and purifying, the perfect accompaniment for healing gemstone bracelets. Amethyst is purported to guard our minds against negative thoughts while bringing forth wisdom, humility, and sobriety. The Amethyst 'Memories' Bracelet is a popular Amethyst-based piece from the team at PinkGLITZ!

PinkGLITZ was founded in 2019 to offer access to the gemstone jewelry for women that we've all been looking for. These affordable gemstone bracelets feature real gemstones, hand-selected and crafted from scratch by Dr. Pinkey A. Stewart. A portion of all proceeds is donated toward homeless shelters and the Apartment Housing Rental Foundation.

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